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Synagogue House Apartment

The perfect option for families and friends

The oldest of the Travesaña Baja. It dates from the thirteenth century, a true jewel at your disposal.

This historical building, from the Middle Ages, restored with its almost unaltered architectural style and with its original forging, corresponds to the oldest workshop house, or shop house of the more than 90 that existed in what was the old Seguntina Jewish quarter.

It was also one of the 5 common taverns in Sigüenza in the 17th century.

 This apartment divided into two parts, at street level we find what was a house  Jewish shop, with a large window for sale, today a living room with a pellez fireplace, kitchen and a small toilet, as well as the upper part that served as a home at that time, with two rooms with original low ceilings and a bathroom .

Interior del dormitorio

Fully equipped for you

  • Full living room

  • Kitchen fully equiped

  • 2 Rooms with double bed

  • 2 auxiliary beds

  • 2 full baths

  • Wifi (customers only)

  • Welcome mini bar

  • Guide routes towns and landscapes

This is our Apartment Casa de la Sinagoga

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